Fashion, In-Store October 17, 2016

We all love a good bargain and there is nowhere else to get one that matches what DMF offers; 60% OFF international fashion brands everyday!  To make your shopping experience an easy one we’ve put together a quick how to for the savvy fashion shopper looking for that special gem.

Step 1: Enter with an open mind

Soon as you enter DMF, the treasure hunt begins so breath and get into it.

Step 2: Shop smart

With so much to pick from, grab a trolley or basket to load up when you spot something you like then head straight into our fitting rooms to see what looks good.


Step 3: Watch out for the trail

Our store is merchandised according to department, category and then size; follow this format when shopping and you are guaranteed to find your gems in record time!

Step 4: What you see is what we have

No stores are the same; so if you like it, grab it before someone else spots it.